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 This week, we had the great opportunity to catch up with aspiring track and field sprinter Antoinette Padilla. She is a driven  athlete who despite the challenges that may distract her from her goal, remains encouraged and perseveres towards her dreams. We asked her how she does it...  I always dreamed of becoming an Olympian or World Champion I looked up to many athletes as role model. One was FloJo. I studied her races and I said I wanted to become just like her. 

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My road was not easy. I found myself not getting where I want to be. Yes at times I felt like giving up. I would question myself is this worth it. It was back in 2008 I ran my first pro race 60m dash against Christie Gaines at the New Balance Games. I was training for Beijing Olympics that year. I thought I had the right coach but I did't. I missed qualifying for Beijing. Yes I was discouraged. I said to my inner self keep going. I trained and competed I missed London 2012. I missed Rio 2016. I kept going..  The big blow was finally I missed London World Champs 2017 . Mentally yes I am fried. But I said to myself I want this I want this bad. I am going for it still yes the World Indoor Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I had minor setbacks injuries that caused me to miss Rio 2016.  I broke my foot October 2015. February 2016 of that year I said go for it Rio is in my grasp. I ran two pro races that year one internationally in Bermuda April 2016 which was my first race and season opener and one in Colorado I believe in May 2016 against Muna Lee in the 100m dash. My mental toughness is what kept me in the game to be where I am today. I didn't let my pride get to me. I started coaching myself in 2015. I went through alot. I never found a coach. I still don't have a coach. I make the best of it. You fall or fail many times. You keep getting up. You keep going. You stand. God is not done with me yet!


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